D&D ╬╝Starter Kit

powered by quantum computing and ad-libs
Left to right: tiefling, dragonborn, dwarf, dark elf, half-orc.

Character Generator

This generates a name, race, class, and an ad-libbed backstory.

Input words according to the prompts and hit 'Submit'.

User selected words are highlighted in orange, and quantum computer selected words are highlighted in blue.

Race options: dragonborn, hill dwarf, mountain dwarf, dark elf, high elf, wood elf, deep gnome, forest gnome, rock gnome, half-elf, lightfoot halfling, stout halfling, half-orc, variant human, human, tiefling.

Class options: barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter (dex), fighter (str), fighter (eldritch knight), monk, paladin, ranger (dex), ranger (str), rogue, rogue (arcane trickster), sorcerer, warlock, and wizard.

Tiefling by macarious on DeviantArt, Dragonborn by kazorkthedork on DeviantArt, Dwarf by artofbeng on DeviantArt, Dark elf by dopaprim on DeviantArt, Half-orc by jeleynai on DeviantArt